Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game / Tag Line: An adult game that kids can play

Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

Realistic guns with red dot scopes

Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

No pain, paint or impact

Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

Exhilarating outdoor laser adventure game for children and adults

Battlefield Live Manchester

Battlefield Live Manchester is an exhilarating outdoor laser adventure game that is played using wireless electronic guns that fire infra-red beams, so there is no pain, paint or impact. The beams are 100% safe to the eyes and body. We use realistic guns with red dot scopes. The guns are radio controlled and give lots of feedback, from the number of players you have hit, kill points, accuracy – and these are used within the missions.We play the game within a large fully enclosed wooded area at Parrs Wood High School. We have a great format to the games and missions. Battlefield Live Manchester is an adult game that kids can play. It is full of adventure, played in the great outdoors and is bags of fun. We never stop and carry on in all weather, including snow!.

What to expect

We start off with a free for all mission before putting the players into teams to battle against each other. Then we play various missions, such as Team Death Match, Storm the Bunker, Hunt the Sniper, Take the High Ground and Protect the VIP.We run the entire experience to make sure everything goes to plan.

Children’s Parties

We start the birthday parties at 7 years old but 6 year olds can play as part of the group. We sort the children into teams and give the birthday child(ren) the choice of teams. We try and get at least one adult (up to an additional 4 adults 18+) on each team. Adults play for free as part of a children’s party. It is a great experience you can share with your children. Don’t worry, it is not obligatory but we are more than happy for parents to join in and they do not count in the children’s places. We never share parties! Other Battlefield Live’s (we are all independent companies) will share your party with other players.We feel it is important for the only people at your child’s birthday parties are the one you have invited.For birthday parties we have special missions for the birthday child(ren) that will make them feel extra special. We have an indoor food area where you can provide your own food or we have some external caterers who can provide the food for you.

Adult sessions & parties, Stag & Hens and Corporate away days

Battlefield Live Manchester is a great way to celebrate any adult occasion, whether it is a Stag or Hen do, an adult birthday party or just a group of adults who fancy playing the missions. As well as the normal missions, we add more technical missions to stretch the players.We also offer Corporate away days. We have great conference facilities within the school which will meet your audio visual needs. Breakfast and lunch can be provided with a great selection of food. A typical away day would consist of using the Main Hall to provide breakfast. The morning can be used for your company‘s conference and meetings. We then put everyone in teams and rotate the groups on our adult activities: Body Zorbing, Battlefield Live and mental challenges.

What if it rains?

No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. We play in all weathers, including snow. The woods are well established and offer good protection from the elements. There are safe and secure changing rooms available in the main Sports Centre where parents’ can take their own children to change if required. Adults are more than welcome to use these facilities.


DurationParty or session sizeSession Cost
1 hourMax. 14 players£150.00
1.5 hoursMax. 20 players£220.00
2 hourMax. 20 players£280.00
30 mins Food Area £15.00
Catering / Subway £3.70 per head (kid’s meal)