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Specially designed for girls and boys aged between 4-9 years old


BodyZorbing is exhilarating energetic fun for children and adults alike!

The Wacky Scientist

Safe and fun science based birthday parties

Go Kiddy Karts

A range of team games and races that suit every age group

Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

Realistic guns with red dot scopes


Team based games such as Football, Bulldog, Rolly-Polly races, charging games

The Wacky Scientist

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Battlefield live Outdoor Adventure Game

Exhilarating outdoor laser adventure game for children and adults

Terms and Conditions Birthday Parties

We will make every effort to ensure that your child’s birthday party or special occasion is a fun, exciting event that they will remember fondly for years to come. To ensure that this happens, there are a few terms and conditions we would like to draw your attention to.
Birthday bookings are made in time slots. Each time slot can accommodate a certain number of children depending on the activity. This includes the birthday child/children. There is no restriction on the duration of a party as long as the minimum time period for the number of children is met. You can have fewer children but it is the time slot you are paying for. It is important you do not exceed these limits as they are governed by child protection policies, legal limits and the total amount of equipment available.
We operate from our main venue at Parrs Wood High School and we have various safety features in place at the school. We have extensive risk assessments and these have been cleared by the Sports Manager and Site Manager of Parrs Wood High School. These assessment can be found in the Safety section.
The legal limit on our activities is one Marshall per 30 players. We typically have two marshals per activity.

Own Venue

Where the party is held at your own premises, we will endeavour to check that the proposed site meets our operating requirements, but when this is not practicable due to the distance or other circumstances, then we rely on you to examine the area to check yourself that the venue meets the requirements as detailed below. We will discuss this with you prior to confirmation of booking. When we arrive for the party we will carry out a risk assessment. If our criteria are not met Redmox
Leisure reserves the right to cancel or amend the event without refund.

Venue requirements

For the go karts we need a minimum of 20 metres by 15 metres of clear unobstructed space for the circuit and an additional area should be available around or near the circuit for the children to wait. The surface must be flat, level and firm without bumps or undulations. Outdoor venues should be of firm, level tarmac or firm, level short grass. The area must be free from obstacles, debris and animal deposits.
For the body zorbs we need a minimum of 30 meters by 30 meters of clear unobstructed space on firm, level short grass. The area must be free from obstacles, debris and animal deposits.
For the science we need an indoor large room that has an external fire door. We will need access to hot water. We need a large outdoor space where we can perform the outdoor experiments.
There should be adequate transport access to the venue, sufficient parking space close to the venue and easy access to the area where the karts are to run. Gateways or doorways should be of at least 3 feet in width and clear of obstacles. Where a mains electricity supply is not available, an area that can be cordoned off should be made available to site the generator.


We will verbally confirm a booking with you, including the costings, and once you have agreed we will then enter your details into our system. You will then receive a booking email and a confirmation text. Your booking is now confirmed.
Once we have received your deposit, your party invitations, maps and confirmation letter of your booking, will be sent to you by first class post.
We ask that you send your deposit within 7 working days of the initial booking. If we do not receive your deposit in that time, we reserve the right to give up the booking slot to another customer.
You have the right to cancel the booking up to 14 days after the initial booking with a full refund. After this time period the deposit is non-refundable.
The balance of the event must be paid for either prior to the event or on the day.
Should you cancel your event within 14 days of the date of the event, full payment, as stated in the Customer Login Area, will be due.
We are unable to make any alterations to the time length of your party within 7 days of your party.
Redmox Leisure reserve the right to alter any activity on the day due to extreme weather conditions or any other factors outside our control. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, Redmox Leisure will do their very best to accommodate this circumstance and continue with the booking, but this may not always be possible.

Go Karts

A Go Kiddy Kart party consists of four electric go-karts within an inflatable track. While our karts are well maintained, there may be rare circumstances where either a go kart is damaged or suffers mechanical breakdown. We will attempt to fix the kart onsite but where this is not possible, the party will continue with a reduced number of karts with no refund due.
Children must be at least 3 years old to drive the go karts. Children older than 9 can drive as long as the lap strap can be fastened securely. Any child where the lap strap can not be fasted securely will be unable to drive. Children must not wear or carry anything which could cause an obstruction or get caught in any part of the kart.
A child must demonstrate that they can use the kart as instructed.Specifically: they must be able to keep moving forward at a steady pace so as not to obstruct other children driving; they must be able to steer the kart without bumping into other karts or the track; they must demonstrate that they can stop the kart when asked. They must be able to carry out these simple actions without assistance. Any child who cannot demonstrate compliance for whatever reason, or who repeatedly causes disruption or obstruction to the other drivers in any way, will not be allowed to continue. No refund will be due in the unlikely event of a child being excluded.

Battlefield Live

The maximum number of guns available for a battlefield live party is 20 children’s guns and 4 adult guns. Whilst we may have spare guns, this limit will not be exceeded. The adults guns are available for free for use by adults but in the event of gun breakages, we reserve the right to prioritise children over adults. We start the birthday parties at 7 years old and 6 year olds can also play. For 5 year olds and below, children are allowed to play the game as spotters. This involves an adult playing

Body zorbing

We have up to 10 active players at once during a body zorbing session. At our discretion we can allow a higher number of older children or adults. The weight limit is 17 stones and the minimum height requirement is 1 meter tall.


In addition to Redmox Leisure staff, at least two adults must be present at the event at all times.
The session time for your karting party includes time allowed for the pre-karting safety briefing and for the handing out of certificates at the end. We would recommend setting the start time of your party (or session) on your invitations to 15 minutes before the actual party start time to try and ensure guests arrive on time. Every participate must have a briefing before going onto the activity and we aim to start the briefing just before the start of the booking. It is always better to brief everyone at once but if there are many late arrivals we may wait a few minutes. Later arrivals will have individual briefings which can disrupt the party.
While we will encourage and support all children and adults participating in our activities, Redmox Leisure reserve the right to exclude individuals who fail to meet the minimum criteria. This may be because of their ability levels may not be suitable for the activity, behavioural issues, being disruptive or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

School Fairs and Fun Days

Our terms for operating at School Fairs and Fun Days are 15% of the day’s takings are provided to the organisers. Redmox Leisure will undertake the staffing, travel and operational costs of the activities.
If we are unable to operate due to weather conditions and Redmox Leisure has made the decision not to operate then there is no cancellation fee applicable.
Go Kiddy Karts will endeavour to check that the venue is suitable but it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that there is adequate and appropriate access to the designated area and that the area itself meets the criteria stated under ‘Venue Requirements’. Redmox Leisure reserve the right not to operate if these criteria are not met.
A fee of £100 is chargeable for late cancellations (within 2 weeks of event date).
We trust that you all have an enjoyable party or session with us.