The Wacky Scientist

Full of experiments that are guaranteed to intrigue the minds of children

The Wacky Scientist

Our parties are full of whizzes, bangs and thrills!

The Wacky Scientist

Exciting, entertaining and educational

The Wacky Scientist

Safe and fun science based birthday parties

The Wacky Scientist

We offer safe science based birthday parties for children that are exciting, entertaining and educational. Our parties are full of experiments that are guaranteed to intrigue the minds of children and the watching parents.

What is Involved?

Our parties combine the fun demonstration of experiments with practical experiments that the children can do. Every child goes home with something from our parties. Our parties are full of whizzes, bangs and thrills! We can entertain a range of children’s ages with experiments tailored to their age groups. We explain what is happening as we go along and make sure the birthday child(ren) are the main volunteers when we need them. We want to ignite the imagination of all girls and boys at our interactive wacky scientist parties. Plus we use Dry Ice at all of our parties and even make Dry Ice Ice-cream!

We use industrial grade chemicals that give the experiments an extra edge. The longer you book the party with us, the more experiments that we do.

What to expect?

We have a wide range of experiments that we perform in the front of the children who are kept a safe distance. We explain the chemical reactions in a fun way and get the children engaged in what we are showing them. The party starts with the indoor experiments and with several experiments we get the birthday child(ren) involved. We then move onto the workshop where the children typically make slime.They get to take the slime home with them.We then move outdoors for the more explosive and loud experiments. We finish off every party by making dry-ice icecream!

Here’s just a few things of what we get up to

Explosions: We mix powders together to make huge plumes of fire, we set off dry ice bombs, collect hydrogen gas and set it on fire, we burn magnesium inside dry ice for a spectacular firework effect, we mix Mentos and diet coke, we make bubbling volcanoes! These experiments are done outdoors.
Fire: We roll cloth fireballs in our hands and not get burnt, we do the classic whoosh bottle experiment, we burn real money and it survives, we make fire from mixing powders and liquids!

Workshops: We make slime! The kids get to take it home. Children of all ages love to make slime and we use Borax to make proper slime. We make dry ice ice-cream! The kids get to eat it (adults too). It takes us 5 minutes to make and tastes like no ice-cream you have ever tasted before. As we make it so quickly, there are no ice crystals so it is super smooth ice-cream. As it is made with dry ice, which is carbon dioxide, then it is has a tangy sherbet flavour. Before we use the dry ice, it is blended into a fine powder and also sieved to ensure there are no lumps. This ensures the safety of using the dry ice to make ice-cream.

Fun Science: We do the classic elephant’s toothpaste experiment, we have fun with magnets and copper wire, we balance soda cans, play the disappearing water game, we make dry ice boo bubbles, we make vortex smoke rings!
We have amazing fun experiments at our parties.


DurationParty / session sizeSession Cost
1 hourMax 20 children£170.00
1.5 hoursMax 26 children£220.00
2 hoursMax 30 children£280.00
Food Area 30 mins£15
Catering / Subway£3.70 per head (kid’s meal)